Global Superpower Problems

How fluctuating changes within global superpowers effect local and global economies. An analysis of how local policy change can effect us all.

Who Qualified as Superpower


A superpower is a country who influences large markets, either has or is increasing military strength, displays economic strength and can influence international affairs. Their place on the list below has been determined by their GDP, GDP per capita, population and most importantly, their military power and ability to influence international affairs.

  1. The United States of America
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. Germany
  5. The United Kingdom
  6. France
  7. Japan
  8. Israel
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. South Korea
  11. Canada
Current Issues in the USA and how they influence global policy


The issue of Trump vs Hilary

It is fair to say that the majority of those outside the U.S. have seen the headlines concerning the current presidential debate and are at a loss of words. A combination of smear campaigns, confusion and stupidity often surround American politics. However the current situation has become somewhat of a joke. A dangerous joke at that. Though I do not feign to understand American Policy or Politics, some of the statements made by both party members at different intervals have been .. convoluted. The issue with the current election campaign is that while many American’s (understandably) are concerned about what each candidate will do for their own struggling economy. They do not consider how the winning candidate will effect international relations and policies which will in effect America’s standing on the international stage.

How the end result will affect international relations

Without delving into some of the political statements made which insult over 50% of the American population. The primary issue with the current candidates is that if… I can’t do this without naming names anymore. If Trump get’s elected America will not be taken seriously again. Granted Australia had Tony Abbott (our version of George W Bush), but for the American population to make a similar mistake again would be disastrous. America does have it’s problems, both in regards to the (backwards) systemic racism and sexism.

It’s economy is still struggling after the housing market crash, it’s people more in debt than ever before. But this does not mean that they should throw away their vote or be restricted to voting for one of two candidates. Especially when they do not agree with either of them. Australia had a similar problem in the Tony Abbott vs. Julia Gillard election of 2010. It is never easy to choose the lesser of two evils. Yet it is a decision that the American population need to consider seriously before voting.


Current Issues in Russia and how they influence global policy


An Energy Reliant Economy

Behind the Iron Curtain is a variety of prejudices and unfair treatments. Protests are common due to discrimination being rife throughout bureaucratic systems. The lack of social cohesion aside Russia’s economy is bound by it’s ability to provide power. This is primarily due to it’s size and ability to mine deep for oil reserves. Not only has it’s access to gas and oil given it a monopoly on the resource throughout the northern hemisphere. Giving Russia the ability to recklessly pillage the environment of it’s resources without thought or care for the damage it is doing to local and global ecosystems.

A monopoly fueled by destruction

Major gas and oil deposits throughout Russia are locked beneath ice. However it’s export these resources leads to global consumption and effects global warming. Which in turn, causes the ice to melt and leech harmful, albeit naturally formed, chemicals into the atmosphere, further speeding up environmental degradation. The issue with this is that their economy is based on a resource that leads to environmental destruction. Which causes their interest in sustainable solutions to be near nonexistent.


Current Issues in China and how they influence global policy


A booming economy, issues of overpopulation and environmental neglect

China has been a growing superpower since 1948. Even through population suppressing policies their population has continued to grow. This has mainly been due to the lack of aged care facilities and hence a way of the population ensuring they are looked after in old age. The issue with this overpopulation is the stress it puts on then worlds resources, especially that of crude oils, ‘dirty’ energy and food consumption. As a result of this increase in industrialization the environment often falls to the wayside, with the Yellow River being a primary example.

How Irresponsibility and corruption are a dangerous mix to the rest of the world

The issue with the lack of environmental policy is that pollution rarely stays in the same place. Due to the nature of Earth’s weather and tidal systems pollution spreads. Yet it is not only pollution that spreads. China’s fishing vessels are increasingly being found further and further away from their assigned jurisdiction. The issue of over fishing, like pollution is not one that effects a single country. But one which effects the world as a whole.

Current Issues in Germany and how they influence global policy


Progressively holding together the European Union

Germany is an amazingly progressive country, it holds one of the most stable economies within the world and is a leader to many. The issue for Germany is that due to their position and power the rest of the European Union often look to them for guidance, support and of course bail outs. They did an amazing job during the Syrian Refugee crisis. Their population is educated, friendly and aware of how they are perceived globally.

How much is too much, when the strong fall it affects us all

The only issue with Germany is that they are liable for the burdens of others within the European Union. The result of this is that they must be very attentive when considering any of their movements, both on the international stage and within the union. The problem with this is that it can cause undue pressure on a stable economy. If Germany falls (not to the extent of Greece). Then the Euro would depreciate in value and the European Union would be at risk of collapse, resulting in major ramifications within the global economy.

Current Issues in the United Kingdom and how they influence global policy


The folly of Brexit and deteriorating relationships with neighboring countries

I am still at a loss of words when contemplating why the British population thought Brexit was a good idea. Though there is no turning back the clock, at this point all that an onlooker can do is watch as events unfold. The decision to split from the European Union has resulted in the British Pound being at it’s lowest value in recorded history. Where before Brexit it was nearly double the value of the Euro. Since Brexit it is nearly of equal value to the Euro.

Historical tensions have always been high between members of the UK.  So after the enactment of Brexit, it was only natural for those tensions to resurface. Resulting in a number of factions considering the move to becoming independent once more. This, however, will further destabilize their economy. Wales, Ireland and Scotland are now considering the move.

Together we stand, or alone we fall: How Britain has set itself up for financial instability

The primary issue resulting from Brexit is the threat of the United Kingdom breaking apart. Without Scotland many of England’s economic stability will dissipate. Though Wales is still semi-reliant on Britain, their leaving will most likely occur after Scotland’s. Both lands of proud people who wish to fully embrace their ancient independence. And while I can not fault them for wishing for this. The result of the split will be turmoil within the area which will lead to increased hostility, trading disputes and risky economic reform. All of which will have a greater impact on the global economy than one may realize.

Dealing with Issues Outside Your Domain

When engaging with the issue of global politics, especially when discussing areas outside your own domain. There are four real responses that one may consider to encourage discourse and awareness of prevalent issues as discussed below.

Awareness Through Conversation

By actively engaging in discourse, awareness and information can be shared. Additionally the points brought up by colleagues may influence your opinion or provide you with more information to consider regarding the issue in question.

Online Boards and Discussions

Take the discussion online; but prepare to be troll baited. But keep an open mind. Here the anonymity of the internet will allow people who respond to your inquiry to be honest. Every piece of information you gather should be taken with a grain of salt. And while you may not always learn something new, it is still a fun way of engaging in the discussion.

Do Your Research

Research the topic for further discussions, in a world with an excess of content, information is often only a click or a tap away.

Pub Politics

By far my favorite way of having a political debate. Meet with some friends, instill a 3 drink maximum to avoid heated debates and start discussing politics. After three drinks, a person’s point is invalid due to intoxication and the topic should be changes. Unless you are all on the same page, then the afternoon continues as usual.