Game Review; Fran Bow

A brief review of Killmonday Games‘ 2015 click and point horror adventure – Fran Bow. The game takes roughly 7-9 hours to complete the main story+ achievements.


Developed by Killmonday Games, Fran Bow is a twisted, story rich, horror point and click adventure. The protagonist is Fran Bow; a mentally disturbed little girl who is trying to find her way home with the help of Mr Midnight (her cat). Along the way the player controls Fran’s use of the mind altering drug Duotine, which allows her to see and interact with a surreal version of reality.

Game Specs – Low

CPU; 1.7 GHz Dual Core. RAM; 2GB. GPU; something with at least 512MB VRAM. OS; Windows. STORAGE; 600MB. SOUND; needs to be DirectX compatible


$14.99 on steam. I know it is always wise to wait for sales, but this game is worth the $15.

 What I loved about the game

The imagery and sounds present within Fran Bow frame an amazing narrative. The surreal imagery can lead to misinterpretations of the story. Whether or not this was done intentionally by the creators is up for debate. However, the surrealism in the game did make many of the core events within the narrative ambiguous.

 What I didn’t love about the game

Though I am not a fan of the point and click genre, and less so of those which contain complex puzzles. Fran Bow makes the point and click adventure bearable through a system that allows objects to be combined. Though all of the dialogue in Fran Bow is text based, and while I can’t criticize the designers for this choice (as it leaves more to the imagination) it is easy to accidentally skip past essential information.

Final Word on Fran Bow

For the sake of the narrative, the amazing atmosphere created by an equally amazing soundtrack (which yes, I bought) and the graphic imagery I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys story rich horrors.


5/5 – “This is a magnificent game and I recommend it for anyone who likes a good horror story”