Game Review; Serena

A brief review for the equally brief 2014 freeware horror game ‘Serena’. This game can be completed within 30 minutes (or an hour if you get stuck).


This freeware game provides an engrossing short story for horror lovers. Developed by a variety of game dev studios and fans (in excess of 40). Serena is a short click and point game with a heavy focus on narrative. During the course of the game, the un-named protagonist must uncover the events that preceded their current situation by investigating clues left around a cabin.

Game Specs – Low

CPU; 1.6 GHz Dual Core. RAM; 1GB. GPU; something with at least 512MB VRAM. OS; Windows. STORAGE; 500MB. SOUND; needs to be DirectX compatible


This game is free on steam.

What I loved about the game

While the game was short, the story was pretty great. Also it’s a freeware game, so there can be no complaints about wasting money. The voice acting was excellent and complimented the protagonists little spiral into madness as events unfolded.

 What I didn’t love about the game

As this is a freeware game, the tech it came with was very limited. The controls were easy enough, however if objects were not interacted with in a specific order the game could become frustrating.

Final Word on Serena

Though short, this freeware game is worth the investment of time. For the narrative and voice acting if nothing else.


2/5 – “It’s free, and the story is descent enough”