Soil Quality Improvement on a Budget

This guide was put together so as to help aspiring gardeners improve the soil quality in their garden. At no financial cost to themselves.

Plants need good soil to grow, there is a plethora of fertilizers, potting mixes and the like on the market. But when you are renting, it seems like a waste sometimes. Who wants to invest big bucks into a property when you are most likely only going to live there for a few years?

Collect your organic waste for a week before gardening

Before planting seeds, seedlings or cuttings the soil quality should first be improved. This can be quite costly, but with a little extra effort it can cost you nothing. A week before you plan on doing the garden, start collecting organic compost, be it meat, tea, coffee, vegetable or fruit scraps. If you are worried about the smell then freeze it and defrost it on the day.

Get the right tools and get to work

A few days before you start, begin asking the neighbors for a hoe or shovel and start digging (you want to get at least 30cm/12inch deep). Make sure to get rid of any couch grass roots that you find along the way. Keep a bucket with a little soil in it and place all the worms you find in there. This prevents them from crawling to other areas of the garden. You want the worms for the area you are trying to improve.

Once you have dug deep enough break up any large clumps of soil and place most of the soil back, leaving 5cm/2inch off the top. Dump the  scraps you have collected, on top of that place the worms. Then the remainder of the soil. Leave the garden bed for 1-2 weeks before planting anything.

For those looking at investing more than time and effort

chamomile sprouts after soil quality was improvedThere are a lot of gardening blogs out there. For those looking at investing a little more money or gardening know how I would suggest using tenth acre farm’s blog. You will need some extra tools and resources to use some of their methods. However their results are pretty fantastic.