Small Bird Bath

Nothing compliments a garden like a bird bath, they can be costly things to buy whole. This guide shows how you can make one on the cheap.

Tailoring your bird bath for the locals

The size of your birdbath should be dependent upon the birds in your local area. Or rather, the birds you want to attract to your garden. This post will concern making a bird bath for finches and sparrows. However if you want to attract larger birds just double the sizes listed and you are good to go. For the record, the birds in my backyard are as follows, however this bird bath was made for the smaller birds, as I enjoy them chirping outside the window.


red wattlebirdCommon MynaPied Currawongspotted turtle doveCommon Raven




Yellow-rumped Thornbillrainbow lorikeetCommon Blackbird

House Sparrow

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo




There are heaps of amazing DIY bird bath ideas around the web. However I decided to take bits and pieces from a variety of ideas to make my own. Both based on the materials I had on hand and for the purpose of pandering to the smaller birds. I used the following;

  • 3 small metal pots (bought at kmart for $10 ages ago)
  • A small concrete planter (again an age old buy from kmart, this one was on special for $3 if memory serves correctly). The important thing about this pot is that it is slightly larger than the others.
  • A terracotta dish (like the ones that go under your pots) – 12cm in diameter
  • Craft Glue
  • A want to help birds or a love of birds in the yard

terracotta dishcraft gluelarger pot3 small potsi love birds


The construction of this bird bath is relatively simple. The glue is just there to help you stick everything together initially. However, the weight of the contents of each pot as well as the mount created around the bath will do most of the job for you.

  1. Stack the smaller pots into a pyramid with the mouths facing upwards, on top of the wooden stand if you have it.
  2. Apply glue and let it dry
  3. Once the glue is dry place soil in the two lower pots and plant whatever greenery you would like to have surrounding your bird bath. I chose mint as I have an abundance of it, and it adds colour while I wait for the surrounding garden to grow.
  4. Balance the large pot on top of the highest of the smaller pots
  5. Place terracotta dish on top.
  6. Dig some small divots in the ground and place wooden legs of stand into them.
  7. Build up mount to hide wooden stand.
  8. Get creative and decorate around the bird bath
  9. Voila, a low set bird bath for all of the smaller aves in your yard

Complete Budget Bird Bath